Monday, 14 October 2013

Foundation: My Thoughts :)

A suitable foundation routine is something that can take years to perfect. I, myself have not yet perfected it but I think I'm getting there. Also, I was discussing foundation and concealer with a friend and so I decided to make a blog post concerning my experience and knowledge of foundation (also with a cheeky bit of help from the MAC interactive foundation finder). I really enjoy foundation but struggle to find foundation that doesn't make me oily or overly dewy so this  may help those of you with the same problems or for people just unsure of what to be looking for.


Rimmel Wake Me Up SPF 15 Foundation in "Classic Beige" - MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation in "NC20"

1. Coverage.

You need to decide whether you want sheer, medium or full coverage. However a coverage that is light at first could build up to a medium so try layer to see if the foundation is buildable.


Sheer coverage evens out your skin tone however still allows natural features like freckles to still show through and allow you to flaunt your natural beauty while still making you feel a little more comfortable with your skin. So this is perfect if you have good skin or just don't like a lot of make up.


Medium coverage, often the type of coverage I go for, is still very natural however you can have more control over what is covered for example any blemishes or redness can be covered a lot better with this.


Full coverage will completely cover anything you want to cover and conceal any blemishes, redness and spots you may have. You usually won't need a concealer.

2. Finish

Then you must decide whether you want a satin, natural or matte finish.


A satin finish has a lot of brightness and has a very dewy finish which I'd say is probably my least preferred out of the three and I definitely wouldn't recommend this if you have oily skin as it does make you look very sweaty and shiny which is not a good look. I also tend to find that this finish can feel very cake-y.


A natural finish is a good balance between shine and matte. So if you'd still like a bit of a glow but would like to skip the whole dewy part of the look then this is for you. It is also good for everyday wear such as going to work or school. Natural is the finish I usually go for since it pretty much looks like you don't have anything on.


A matte finish is good if you want something oil controlled or if you are very active or busy. There isn't really much more I can say about a matte finish. I imagine it would probably be a very good night-out foundation since it is oil controlled and it will look a bit more dramatic along with a nice smokey eye. 

3. Shade & Undertone

Shade is about how light or dark your skin is and undertone is about whether you have a more golden or olive tone to your skin rather than a pink or rosy tone.

So if you tan then you'll more likely be golden/olive but if you burn easily then you're more likely pink/rosy. Makeup counters will do a foundation match so there is much less error is shade however with drugstore you really just need to test it on your neck and if it disappears then voila that is your shade.

Primer & Concealer

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer in "002" - Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in "Soft Beige" 

I always use a primer because it really does help keep my foundation on and, I suppose, act as a layer of protectant for your skin. Primers do make a difference, especially if you have oily skin because you can get mattifying primers. I would recommend the Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro. I have repurchased it about 6 times, that's how much I love it and it's very affordable so good to buy for your first try. I recently bought the Benefit Porefessional Primer and unfortunately, as much as it is a great product and does what it says, it doesn't agree with my foundation. I find it makes my foundation separate around my nose. Maybe if I used a different foundation it would be better but I have yet to try that so, I guess I'll make it work in the meantime.

Concealers are a god send for your under eyes and any blemishes.  I suppose I don't need to go into too much detail about concealers since they're pretty simple. Basically, for under eye concealing you want one that is one shade lighter than your foundation to brighten and for spot treatment you want it to be the same shade so that it doesn't highlight your blemishes. If you want tips on different ways to use concealer I would suggest watching GlamLifeGuru's Five Different Ways To Use Concealer video on youtube. It is excellent. 
I would definitely recommend the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer (pictured) as it is great for under eye concealing, as the name would suggest, and doesn't go cakey whatsoever.

I thought about talking about blush and bronzer but I feel this post would be far too long if I did so maybe that will be in another post someday. 

Au revoir friends :)

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